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Follow you home...not just a Nickelback song

So here's a fun one. Apologies for the length, but am going for accuracy.

Was out walking the dog last night around 11pm. Dumb? Perhaps, but when the girl's gotta go not many other options. I was also carrying my Bersa .45. Was about 3/4 of the way through our well-lit 2 block route when this guy (crackhead is likely, mid 20s, about 5'8" 140 or so) wanders out of a driveway behind me about 10 yards back.

I didn't really think much of it, but as I am a bit uncomfortable with strange people behind me, i nonchalantly jerk the dog's leash and get her to stop on a tree lawn, I then move aside and "allow" drug addled male to pass and he walks up the next driveway. I also noticed that he had a "talking" shoe - where the sole comes loose from the upper, this is important for later. I continue on my way.

As I was entering my driveway (i live in an older house split into 2 apartments) I hear a telltale "flapping" behind me, I check with my peripheral vision and see the guy from earlier walking down a driveway next door and coming out to the sidewalk. At this point it occurred to me that the guy had been following me through backyards.

I continue up the driveway and stop at the door to my apartment. I turn and see the man's shadow being cast across the driveway - he is hiding around the corner of the house (my door is at the rear of the house).

The short version is that I told him to go away, the actual language used is inappropriate for this site. I enter my apartment, lock the door, release the dog, and call up to my fiancee to get 911 ready to dial. Then I see the door handle jiggle. The door is older style with a large window taking up the upper portion. I peek through the side of the curtain opposite the knob and lock and see him attempting to jimmy the lock with a card.

Sigh..wonderful...Well, I am lacking in the home shotgun area, however I do have a recording on my cell phone of a Remington 870 being pumped. Technology does have its place in HD. So, I crank the volume, hit "play," and announce that should he continue with what he is doing he's going to find a lot more than he bargained for on the other side of the door. The next sound I heard was the rapid flapping of his talking shoe and confirmed with the fiancee upstairs that she had seen him bolting back down the drive. I thought no more of it for the rest of the night, but made certain to bolt and chain all doors. For the record, i did call the police afterwards, but they never showed up to take a report.

All told, a happy outcome...besides the fact that this crackfiend is still out and about and now knows where I live.

So, judgements? Comments? Suggestions? Snide remarks?
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