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I'll agree that e-collars are touchy and it takes a person that knows what they are doing to get the hang of em. They aren't just a strap it on and hit the button kinda tool. But for breaking dogs they can be pretty much brainless. Dog chases undesirable game, hit the button. The biggest issue I've seen/had is with hounds/curs at night or out of sight. YOU HAVE TO KNOW 100% WHAT THE DOG IS DOING. Not think it's doing wrong but know it. I won't train any dog from here on out with out the aid of a collar. Anything from basic commands to field work. But you have to know what you are doing, what the dog is doing and not over do it with frequency of use or high settings.

But it doesn't take a dog with much of a brain to learn that critters around the place are off limits even without a e-collar. If your dog can't figure it out it doesn't say much for the dog.

As for hunting with your dog. Give up on the idea. It takes more than wanting to chase and/or kill to make a hunting dog of any sort and even a professional would have a slim to none chance of making your dog even a mediocre hunting dog. I had a Malamute/husky mix years ago that was a chicken killin machine. Also liked to kill possums when he could see em. Even so, it would of made one of the worst hunting dogs on the planet.

Now if you're just wanting a buddy to go out in the field with you that may be another matter. IF ( and I mean big IF) you can keep him close and under control 100% OF THE TIME he won't hinder you at all and just the presence of a dog will make birds and game do weird stuff. Also helps cover more ground because unless the dog walks right in front of you or right behind, he might help scare up a few birds or rabbits you might of walked by.


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