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Oh wow, that's your friend? He cleaned up the other day with the Glock (G34, IIRC). Sometimes when I watch that show, I think "oh man, I could out-shoot some of these guys". When he shot the elimination challenge, I was sittin' on the couch thinkin' "dam, nevermind ". I hadn't paid him much attention in the show until then. After seeing him shoot and surprise a lot of folks in the elimination challenge, I think he may be the guy I pull for this season. He ain't no slouch, that's for sure.
He's just a regular guy that doesn't get rattled. Where I would feel the pressure of having time running out and make minor mistakes he doesn't. Smooth and calm. That translates into speed and accuracy.

Its nice to know that I have the ability to hang with a guy who can shoot like Cliff.

I stopped shooting PPC regularly a couple years ago because my Bass fishing tournaments fall on the same day. So I haven't seen Cliff for a while. Heck I didn't know he beat Miculek until I read about it in a gun rag. I spoke with him at the beginning of the year. I had taken my boys then 11 and 14 to shoot a balloon shoot. He was there visiting. I asked him about beating Jerry Miculek. He said Miculek had a bad match and he a good one. Butthole didn't even mention Top Shot. I haven't seen the first show for this season yet because I can't stand the drama or the slingshots and throwing knives LOL.

Anyway he's a great guy and a great shot.
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