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Here's the link to the section of the movie I cropped of the actor rotating the trigger guard that recocks the striker/hammer and advances the harmonica block on the "Mysterious Island (2005)" movie harmonica rifle, so you can see the actual moving footage of how it is supposed to work......

But......I noticed that when he rotated the trigger guard that the harmonica block did not advance. There was the same number of holes sticking out on the harmonica both before and AFTER he rotated the trigger guard. This is the same section of video that I took the still screenshots from showing the triggerguard rotating. Immediately after rotating the trigger guard, the actor was accosted by the bad pirate (his brother) and when the good guy whipped around getting the drop on his bad pirate brother, (as you can see in the still pic showing the ramrod and full length of the barrel with bands and sights), you can see that even though he had rotated the trigger guard, the harmonica block had not moved and there was still the same number of holes sticking out on the block as there had been before he rotated the triggerguard. Which further makes me think it may be a single shot dressed up to look like a harmonica rifle, or else an inoperative movie prop and they added the smoke and flash with CG. But just not sure. All this is from visual observation only.
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