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Judges can hold one another in contempt and send deputies/sheriffs to arrest one another.

The specific instance of which I am aware:

Judge A schedules a trial in Mr. Smith's case. A week later Judge B schedules another of Mr. Smith's cases for the same day.

Mr. Smith protests to Judge B that he is already scheduled for trial that day. Judge B, well known for the expanse of his personality, tells Mr. Smith that if he isn't there to start the trial, he will send uniforms to arrest him for contempt.

Mr. Smith lets Judge A know that he will be arrested if he shows for Judge A's trial, whereupon Judge A calls Judge B to advise that Judge B will be held in contempt and arrested if he orders the arrest of Mr. Smith for compliance with Judge A's scheduling order.

However, for just not getting the law correct, I don't see contempt as an available remedy.

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