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Hey, hey... first of all, it's not my intention to start a flaming thread here or despise any other calibers. Much the opposite, I just wanted to show how an ammo and caliber that might seem inappropiate, can do the job perfectly well. When watching the video, I counted two shots when the bad guy went down. I have no doubt that .40 or .45 are more powerful.

GM1967, there is a recent thread about a clerk shot twice with a .22 who died as a result, and a bad guy who took several (seven?) .45 hits and survived, yet I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying a .22. My thought is that a 9 should be the smallest thing to carry for self defense, provided that you use proper ammo, but see how even that 9 in FMJ took this guy down real quick. In fact, I agree with all you said, and this was just my way to show that I disagree with those that say that a 9 "won't stop anything".
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