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What matters is shot placement
If what matters is shot placement, you rely a .22 or a .25, right? Because, why would you ever need anything more, if shot placement is all that matters?

We keep hearing this tired line from 9mm fans, who use it to champion their favorite caliber against more powerful ones, like .40, .45, and .357. Yet they don't put their money where their words are, and use mousegun calibers, because they know in their hearts that in reality shot placement isn't the only thing that matters -- penetration, stopping power, bullet design, weight, and diameter all matter too. All these factors go together, along with the qualities of the target, to determine the outcome.

As for shot placement -- you can't aim at an artery, which is often a factor in bringing a target down. You can't see the artery, and even if you could, you couldn't hit it. A heart shot is pretty much just hitting center of center of mass, which is just what we should all be trying to do anyway. So, given that we are already trying to hit center of mass....power matters.
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