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Play instinct

Deep down the behavior probably has its roots in the "Prey instinct" however chasing indoor cats around the house is closer to the "play instinct" My wife has a Bassett Hound that chased her cat all over the house. We corrected most of the problem in a manner suggested by TeanSinglestack. Just like any other bad habit.

Over literally thousands of generations certain breeds were bread that way in order to exhibit certain desired traits for the task at hand. Pointers, Springer’s, Retrievers, Guard, Herding, and on and on. With offspring from two very different breeds there is no telling what the dog will have as far as natural inbred characteristics

You have an offspring from a guard dog and a herding dog. Take it out hunting birds and see what natural ability the dog may exhibit. Work on the talents he may have. Sometimes about all you can hope for is a dog that will bring you whatever you kill.
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