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After years of game camera use, I think peetzakiller is probably right. Old bucks with big racks didn't get old by being stupid. Does and young bucks keep showing up in my pictures, but the big ones only show up a couple of times. The biggest one, and he was truly a whopper, only was in one picture. There has to be a connection. Hogs, coons, does, and young bucks will eat corn all night in front of the camera. The big bucks just will not do that (not on my place anyway). My next generation of game cameras will be the low glow or black flash cameras. Probably they'll be Moultries, but that isn't a sure thing.

If it wasn't for the rut, I might never have killed any real big bucks over all these years. I guess that chasing women is a weak spot in the males of all species.
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