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Well these pro trainers do it all the time
We use "Real Live RattleSnakes" handled by a professional venomous snake handler/expert which practices these techniques on a weekly basis at seminars all over Texas. The snakes are fully De-Fanged with mouth surgically stapled shut. Though the snakes are completely harmless, they still pack an incredible punch in conjunction with the E-Collar which is designed to carry a long lasting impression and scare your dog so that they avoid all snakes at all costs.

Hum, it does not say any thing about having a person with no training experience use a collar they have no idea how to use, to burn the heck out of a dog that has never been collar conditioned.

And for that matter a nice web site and people willing to pay them for their dogs and advice does not make them any more of a professional than I am.

I have discovered that there are many people in the dog world who wish to be classified as a dog trainer even though they have no idea what they are doing with a dog. For all I know they fit that description.
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