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What matters is shot placement. Actual bank robbery shooting.

Actual shooting happened a few years ago in Petrer (Alicante), Spain:

Long story made short. A bank robbery takes place and customers are held hostage by the robbers. Police arrive on scene and robbers exchange fire with the police. One of the robbers is hit in the chest and hip, KO but survives his injuries. A cop takes three hits from this robber, one jaw hit, forearm and one leg. Survives his injuries too.

The guy that runs is the other robber. He falls down due to the slippery pavement and tries to shoot at the cops chasing him on foot (his gun was a .45, probably a 1911 type) but when trying to do so, gets two torso hits and another one in the right wrist. Ammunition used by the cops (Petrer Local Police, although National Police guys were also present) was 115 gr FMJ 9mm. One of the hits (the deadly one) was very close to the BG's heart. Look at how quickly he falls down after getting hit. The BG was pronounced dead on scene.

Apart from the shooting, it is really scary how close to the bullets in the air the dark VW Golf was. It is a practice car from a driving school, and I don't know, really can't understand how you can see a guy on the run holding a pistol towards the cops and still try to get across instead of backing off.

After this incident, the Municipality of Petrer got rid of their FMJ ammunition and started using JHP. I guess that at local level, politicians are easier to convince than at national level, because, although we have complained, we are still being issued FMJ or semi-jacketed soft points in the two national level LEAs instead of proper law-enforcement ammo. This stupid policy has to do with their thought that hollow points cause more damage, therefore, it's against human rights. The BG's rights, of course, who cares about law abiding citizens ones or cops'.

Lesson learned... Despite using the least appropiate type of ammo (FMJ) in a low-weight variety (115gr) and a caliber despised for allegedly lacking stopping power (9mm), a torso hit close enough to the heart will bring a BG down quite quickly.
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