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Thank god I am not required to keep my gun in a storage place or locked.
15 minuets to respond to a call like this is more common than you think. I have personally had the cops take 45 to respond to an unknown vehicle/individuals on my property (ended up being teens drinking).

Sounds like you made the right call, but if you had a wife and kids IN the home would you have done the same thing, regardless of legality?

I had something similar enough happen, though it ended up being benign. It is without a doubt though the most bizarre thing I ever encountered. I live in a condo, at about 9am on a Saturday someone started banging on my door. I had my P226 tucked in the back of my pants when I looked through the peep hole, turns out it was a rather short and unthreatening looking woman. I opened the door (slowly) oddly enough she asked me if I "smoked" I said no and she walked off, no accomplices were in sight but I kept my weapon at the ready that whole day.

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