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I have a Moultrie M80 that does a pretty good job. I bought it on eBay brand new. I think there's a seller on eBay that has them fro ~$108 with free shipping right now. Like most of these cameras, it doesn't have a particularly fast shutter speed. So, if the animal just walks by, you'll get a bit of movement blur. Aim it then drop a mineral lick or something that will get the animal to pause for a bit in that spot.

I recently came across a Stealth Cam deal at Sam's Club for $99. It comes with batteries and a 2GB SD card. I'm very tempted.

Link (you have to be a Sam's Club member to purchase):

Take into account that you'll need to buy an SD card for most of these cameras. Some of them have internal memory but you won't be able to save very many high-def pictures and you'll have to use a USB cable to download the pics to your PC or laptop. That can make field d/l's a bit of a PITA.

I have a small Netbook that I take with me to the field. Pop the SD card out of the camera and into the Netbook. Download the pics and pop the card back into the camera. Quick and easy. I guess you could do the same with a USB cable.

IMO, the Infrared cameras perform a little better after dark.
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