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Glad everything worked out for you.

One thing I was wondering about though - is how important is what you say during the 911 call
I had a friend in a similar manner, a man was following my friend in his car, my friend had taken several turns but this person was still following, he pulled over into a large parking lot, the car pulled in there with him, my friend got out of his car and so did the assailant, my friend was on with 911 at the time, the assailant had a baseball bat and charged at my friend, on the phone with 911 he indicated to assailant twice to stop, the assailant did not stop, and got shot in the shoulder. The whole occurrence on the 911 tape. The police came arrested the assailant, took my friends weapon for evidence. my friend was ok with that part, he just went to his trunk, got another hand gun out. No charges were ever filed against my friend. Months later, at least 6 months later the police called my friend back, and he was able to pick up his weapon again.
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