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Happy to hear that you had a good outcome and you reacted properly in that you did not leave a "safe zone" and you did not let machismo override common sense and good judgement.

When the guy knocking on the door finally stopped, I expected him to go to my backyard. In the meantime I took out my pistol from its storage place (Beretta PX4 9mm). When I saw the guy who was knocking on my front door in my backyard, I called 911 and told them about the three suspects and informed the 911 operator I WILL defend myself with my pistol if the guy in the backyard attempts to enter my house.
The lesson to take away with you is that you can become a victim of a serious crime in the confines of your own home. A gun in a storage place is only as good as the speed it takes to retrieve it. I won't go into the details here but I was home during a home invasion robbery. My guns were locked away in the safe. I was shot and left for dead...and was ripped off big time while I was lying on the floor wondering how much blood I could lose before the lights went out for good. I no longer keep all my guns locked up when I am in the confines of my home. There are loaded guns stashed in each room and I have one in a holster on my strong side at all times except when in the shower or sleeping. At bed time, my EDC is on the night stand beside the bed. The point being is that no one will ever catch me being unarmed again. And not to be paranoid, but because it happened once, doesn't mean you won't get targeted a second time.
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