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It finally happened to me. . .

Just wanted to share a recent incident that happened to me. Attempted burglary. It may seem like a long thread, but I read other peoples thread on this forum, and the way I handled the incident is directly due to peoples comments on this forum.

It started with someone knocking at my door. I usually dont answer anyone knocking at my door but this one was different. The guy knocking on my door was banging my door continously for 5 minutes.

When I looked out my window I could see 2 additional teens sitting on the curb opposite my house. I automatically knew I was being the possible target for a burglary. I had my car in the garage, so it looks like no one was home. This happened about 3pm.

When the guy knocking on the door finally stopped, I expected him to go to my backyard. In the meantime I took out my pistol from its storage place (Beretta PX4 9mm). When I saw the guy who was knocking on my front door in my backyard, I called 911 and told them about the three suspects and informed the 911 operator I WILL defend myself with my pistol if the guy in the backyard attempts to enter my house.

I have security bars on all windows and a security door in the back. Guess when the guy in the backyard saw this, he decided not to do anything but leave. Holding my loaded pistol, with a chambered round gave me an adrenaline rush. I wasnt scared, I've been shooting at the range for the past 8 years and all that practice and training to load my pistol became second nature when the time really counted.

I had the tendency to go out of my house and confront the guy in the back but WHY leave a safe zone being in the house.

15 minutes later 4 police cars come to my house. They caught the 3 suspects, two 16 year olds (the lookouts) and a 18 year old ( guy knocking on my door) The 18 year old had a handgun tucked in his front pant waist. One of the 16 year olds was on probation, and the 18 year old had prior run ins with the law.

One thing I take from this incident is that if you are in a "safe zone" stay there. I SO wanted to confront the guy in the backyard, but if i did, would i have the reaction to pull my trigger if he went for his gun? Leave it to the police to handle these matters, but if the 18year old attempted a break in, I would have fired my pistol.

My question is if the 18 year old attempted a break in, and i shot him dead, would that still be reasonable defense? He was armed but the gun would have been in his front waistban. I wouldnt have known about the gun he was carrying. Btw i live in the state of Maryland, so each state has different gun laws. Any inputs??
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