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When you've never had:

a break-in
a friend or family member murdered
and etc.

it is easy to lull oneself into the false security that comes with such good fortune, or maybe lack of misfortune.
Very true, I just had a conversation with a gentleman that reports his house is seldom locked, and he even remarked, "I suppose someday we'll be cleaned out," to which I replied, "Im sure you will." Maybe it's my Detroit upbringing, but both my houses are always locked and usually checked for security. My new home has already had security lighting installed, even though it's in a rather "lax-locking area," and my carrying habits (gun on me or near me at all times) do not waver when I am there, nor does my attention to sounds I don't recognize. It is a wilder area though, so I am up far more than usual with just the new animal sounds. When I move permanently, the new house will also have a good alarm system and security cameras, and luckily, like here, I have pretty good neighbors. I don't intend to be the victim that changes everyone's views on security in the area.
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