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There was no Model 36. The 7.35 was adopted in 1938, along with the Model 38 short rifle and carbine. But after war broke out in 1939, the Italians had second thoughts about changing caliber and most of the rifles and carbines made in 7.35 were recalled and rebarrelled to the old 6.5 caliber.

The 36/XIV date is the date of manufacture, not the model number, and that gun would have been made in 6.5 originally, since 1936 was before the adoption of the 7.35.

The Roman number may require some explanation. Among Mussolini's sillier ego trips was changing the calendar to date from the year of his march on Rome, 1922, which became the year 1. While most Italians just ignored the decree (as they still ignore just about everything else about government, figuring that if they don't notice it, it will go away), arms makers had to comply, so guns of that era have both dates.

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