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In any case, the techniques are the same with any hand gun. Breathing, sight picture and trigger control, but you need to adapt to a different handgun. Just like you do when going from an automatic transmission to a standard.

Good grief, my man, just give it a try. At the range-- try the transistion from one firing system to another and see if it's as complicated as the problem you've created in your head.
At the range and during a life or death struggle are two different animals. I'd bet my life that failing to properly operate a different manual of arms than your primary firearm, has cost folks their lives in the past.

I watched a jeweler in South Florida almost die because he failed to take the safety off his new Walther PPK (twas different than his other gun). My coworker shot a robber in the calf with his 1911 because he reverted back to the double action trigger pull technique he used with his revolver, a gun he carried for a decade. The short light trigger on his 1911 broke before the gun was level causing a low shot*. On his revolver it would have gone off at level.

Its a valid concern and not some made up problem in OUR heads.

*Thankfully the robber dropped both the loot and the gun and ran like a jack rabbit.
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