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Casing weight tolerances?

Just started my first batch of .204 ammo, fired some test rounds yesterday with the best group at 1/4moa, second best at about 1/3moa with charges being 25.6gn RL-15 and 27.3gn RL-15 respectivley. All brass used for the test rounds was the same weight. Now heres the question, how much tolerance in weight from shell to shell should be allowed for reloading say 100 or 200 rounds (have 100 to do right now)? I weighed 20 casings, with an average of 102.28gn and a standard deviation of .90. I allowed a tolerance of +- 1gn within the average to sort my brass. These loads are not competition loads and should shoot about 1/2 moa. Is this close enough, or should I sort casings within .5 or .1 gn?
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