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James K
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Hi, T. O'Heir,

You wrote: "None of which need to be put in any silly book."

Well they have to be put in some book. If the buyer has a C&R license, they have to be entered in his book. If he doesn't, they have to be shipped to a dealer and entered in his book. Maybe some folks don't bother with a "silly book", but the alternative could be unpleasant if BATFE cares enough to check.

Hi, JiminTexas,

I am not sure what you mean by "the old rules". NFA firearms (but not suppressors, kits, and other "non-guns") certainly do come under the 50-year rule and something like a WWII Thompson SMG is a C&R. They still need to be transferred with the paperwork and tax payment, but they can be shipped by an individual directly to a C&R licensee, without a Class 3 dealer being involved.

Jim K
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