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I've got several Moultries and one Leaf River. They are all easy on batteries. The Leaf River has been on the same tree for at least 3 years and maybe 4 years, and it just keeps on working. The Moultries work real well, but the LED readouts seem to quit working eventually, though I don't really use them anyway, so it's no big loss. Moultrie customer service is quite good. Trigger time on the Moultries and the Leaf River are a bit too slow for my taste. As for other types, I had a Bushnell, but I hung it on a tree without giving thought to what the high water mark might be in the creek. The high water was a foot more than where I put the camera. Till then it worked just fine. I had one Sniper Cam that I just could not get to work. I was so mad that I'd have run over it with my tractor but thought maybe I could just return it, which I did.
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