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I am having trouble seeing the differences in all of them.
Yeah, me too. There's not a lot of differentiation at that price point. As a matter of fact, they all look like the same camera with different logos stamped on them.

I've got a Wildview and it's served me well for the past three years. It's easy to program and I've gotten some good pictures, except that it tends to "white-out" during the early morning and late evening. This is mainly in the grey dawn times when the camera can't decide if it is trying to take a darkness shot or a daytime shot. The white-out will also happen when the sunlight is coming directly onto the face of the camera and putting a flare on the lens.

One method of dealing with white-out is to position your camera where it is pointing as closely to true north as possible. The winter sun on this continent rises just below true east and sets below true west, so if the camera is pointed north, the face of the camera is never in the sun.

I like my camera and enjoy checking the pictures. It's added another level of interest to the hunting. One buddy of mine is using something he calls a plot watcher camera. He likes it a lot as it provides daytime views of his food plot on a time-lapse basis. He says that he can watch an entire day in just a few minutes. I've been thinking about putting one on my Christmas wish list.
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