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Reading some of these drive by responses I can tell than many of you didn't actually read my post and don't understand the idea. Many of you did though and I appreciate the comments, good points to think about.

I'll try and clarify. So whatever your primary gun is, maybe it's your CC gun, your nightstand gun, whatever it is, the gun you have trained with, duplicate that gun and the support equipment for that gun. This does not mean to carry both at the same time, it's a just that, a backup. So for instance, the your primary gun is unusable for whatever reason, you have the entire setup duplicated so that the duplicate can easily transition into the primary.

Some of you are adding some kind of shooting scenario to this, "If ya cain't get'er dun blah blah blah". You've missed the point entirely. This setup would be to simply have so that in the event that your primary gun is unusable you are not at a skills and equipment disadvantage when you replace that gun from your inventory. That is all.
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