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Policy Change in GA State Parks

I have attached a link below to a story on Georgia Carry Organization’s WEB site. The gentleman in question has a valid Georgia Firearms License and was exercising his right to open carry while camping in a State park with his wife last February. As they were cooking out a Department of Natural Resources Officer approached him and asked for his Firearms License. The gentleman complied, but asked the Officer why he was detaining him and checking his license. The Officer responded that he had the authority to detain and verify that anyone with a firearm could legally carry.

The guy contacted the local District Attorney who initially supported the Officer, but after reviewing the law admitted the Officer was incorrect. However, the local DNR officials continued to insist they could detain and investigate all persons with firearms. Anyway, this guy continued to push the issue and after about eight months the DNR finally admitted they were wrong and issued a new policy to all employees statewide.

This is a good example of someone who handled the situation in an intelligent manner, but also stood up for his rights. He did the right thing by initially cooperating, but then worked within the system to assure others were not harassed in the future.
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