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Howdy From Texas via California

Hey Folks,

West Texas boy here...or westxboy minus a T...
Why? I don't know other than its not a user name that is usually taken in the forums that I belong to...

As indicated, I am originally from West Texas but have lived in Southern California for almost longer than I lived in Texas. Wow, after thinking about that it kinda surprises me...

Anyway I returned to my love of guns about a year ago starting with a Colt .45 Defender and a S&W 9mm 6909. Owning firarms here in California, while challenging with the laws, is not impossible as some may think...I have found long as you know the law you can pretty much buy generically what you wish.

I have branched out my interest even further from the two handguns listed already to included a Sig .22 rifle, two AR15s, and now a quality knife with my first purchase (as of yesterday) of a SOG Tomcat 3.0.
I must say that it is a very fine knife indeed.
My goal is to own a .308 rifle within the year and to find some hunting opportunities with my son.

And you will find that I don't post very many messages as a rule due to primarily not knowing enough about handguns, rifles, or knives to speak with some sort of authority but I am one to enjoy what others have learned and wish to pass on.

So thnx for your wisdom in advance,

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