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Also anybody have a link on how to adjust the sights? Manual says to push hard; yea its not moving. It shoots high and right.
Are the sights dovetailed in place? If so, you probably need to remove the slide, clamp it in a padded bench vise, and drift them sideways with a hammer and punch. This is normal; they're usually very tight so they don't "shoot loose". I recommend marking the sight(s) and the slide with a pencil beforehand to make it easier to judge how far you've moved them; they usually don't need to move much. It might also be wise to remove the safety levers first.

Regarding shooting high, some European combat automatics are sighted to hit POA at 50m- a remarkably long range by traditional American standards- and consequently hit 4"-6" high at 10-15yds. This can be corrected with a taller front sight or a shorter rear sight. The manufacturer may stock non-standard sights, or you can file down the rear sight. OTOH if I were you, I would just live with it and train yourself to aim slightly low. Aim for the bottom of the bull or the 10-ring rather than the center. IMHO a gun that shoots high is easier to deal with then a gun that shoots low because you can at least see the target above the sights.

Mandatory disclaimer: I do not own a PK380 and do not have personal experience with any of this.
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