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Sorry to revive a thread...

In my quest to find some kind of GC system that I think will suit my needs, I called Charlie Darnall, who makes a tool similar to Pat Marlin for about 20-30 more though. The difference between the two is that Mr. Darnall's gas check maker (latest gen. is called FreeChex III) can produce an entire gas check (cut and shaped) in a single stroke, but requires an arbor press rather than a hand loading press.


Its pretty nifty and I am considering getting one for myself in the 35 cal region. When I was talking to him on the phone earlier this week, he said that he has used gas checks with an OD at the same size as the boolit, and seats the upside down (so the cup of the check faces inward) and shoots them that way, with good success! How's that for innovation and a new idea for how to use a GC. It kindof makes sense if I think about it. Any thoughts on the idea?
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