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I didn't have the chrono set up for the AE ammo. It was the first box of ammo with a brand new gun and I couldn't wait to shoot it. The battery was dead on the chrono anyway. Got a house full of batteries, AA, AAA, C, L44,357, CR2032, CR 2025, CR 2016, even a motorcycle battery or two, think there's a 9V in the house? Nope.

I don't really pay much attention to book spec. COAL. It's a suggestion to me but not the final word. I put the bullet where it fits/works the best.

In working with the 32mag in a single six, a fellow on another board suggested a load combo I tried. Using H110, fill the case to the base of the bullet, weigh the powder charge. Subtract one grain and use a small rifle (yes rifle) primer. It worked so I tried the same with the .327 and compared the charges I came up with, with data I've found in Handloader & online, it came close so I started on the low side & worked up. I lost a couple cases due to splits so I stopped. Never got sticky extraction, just split cases. The industry standard says the case length is 1.20, I've yet to find one that long, but I only have about 500 on hand.
Here's an article I gathered some information from.
It was a tough decision between the GP100 & the Blackhawk. I have both already, the GP a .357 and the Blackhawk a .45 convertible. I shoot single action 90% of the time so I just went with the Blackhawk. I may wind up with a GP in the near future though. I really like the .32's. Easy to load for, easy on powder & my lead supply. The .327 is a great little round, people should really just give it a chance.
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