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Para Ordnance TTR???

Been looking into an AR for A LONG time now. I just asked my local gun dealer to look into the new Stag Model 3 with VRS rail and factory flip ups, as I plan to install an EOtech. This was about a week ago. Today I go back to see if he's had any luck and he tells me he's got something WAY better that I'll be interested in. Its a PARA TTR. First I've heard of this rifle. After some research, there is evidently quite a twist on the gas piston system. I like the features of the rifle (Sights, stock, rail, etc.), but I just don't know a damn thing about them. Been reading some posts and a few people are talking about Para's service, parts availability, etc. This one is barely used (claims 20 rounds) and can be bought for $1,600 out the door. That's a lot of bread compared to a Stag model 3, but its more or less complete in that I wouldn't have to spend money on sights, aftermarket stock, etc. Anyone know anything about these guns or have any advice for me on this? Basically I like the gun and wouldn't mind spending the money on the innovative and cool technology, but I don't want to get stuck with a high price boat anchor either.
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