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im not understanding that because the skin is worth a little money there why would someone just leave 3-400 bucks just floating there
Some folks are only in it for the kill, and maybe the trophy.

An (ex) hunting buddy of mine was very much that way. He loved to hunt, but had little interest in saving meat and such from what he killed.

He didn't even seem willing to learn what I tried to teach him about such things, and I dearly dislike hunting with someone I consider to be a slob.

Maybe I'm too picky, but here in Az it IS illegal to waste any edible portion of a game animal. In his defense, I'll say that he usually gave away what he managed to bring home. He was just far to willing to toss aside what he saw as unwanted weight to pack out, while making sure he had the cape, antlers, and any other trophy typs stuff..

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