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And although they haven't been on TV or been the designated spokespersons for their department, I have several times had LEOs tell me that they recommend citizens, and especially small business people, be armed. Preaching to the choir, of course.
My dad is a dentist and a few of his patients are local pd/sheriff's deputies. The most recent LEO that was in his chair knew that my dad was a hunter, gun owner, conceal carry holder, and asked "so what are you packing around the office?" and was astonished that he said nothing. He generally carries when going to his office at night to do paperwork, etc. - but I told him he should keep something on him, preferably something bigger in his back office, and if the front counter girls felt comfortable - something up front for them.

My step-mom agree at least with him carrying something on him at all times even while working, he owns his own practice and doesn't even make use of some of the benefits of being a small business owner. I would be ecstatic to be able to carry at work, and I single handedly would never be able to convince the owners otherwise unless something drastic happened here, which I hope it never does.
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