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I was watching an episode of MidwayUSA’s Best Defense that was aired a while back. One of the experts made a similar recommendation. When carrying a small backup gun he recommended carrying two. I do not remember the specifics but in his example he carried two j-frame revolvers. The theory was that it was quicker to switch between the two guns than it was to waste time reloading etc… I tend to agree with that theory, as well as yours.


- Common weapon familiarization and manipulation.
- Interchangeable ammunition/magazines


- Weight
- Concealment/bulk

I listed a couple of the most important factors that I know would affect me personally if I were to carrying two of the same handguns in full or compact versions. Carrying two handguns is not easy task. It is doable but not realistic in my case. I think that is the main reason most people carry a small bug as a backup. Ideally though I would prefer to be able to carry two of the same firearm for sure...

P.S. I am not able to carry in IL but I do in other states when/where it is legal and my permits allow me to do so.
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