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Additional complication...

Which may or may not have benefits to you. And that is that your camper/RV/trailer is your home. There are places that, while they restrict or prohibit carry, allow posession in your home. Also it may be that even in places that do not, unloaded, locked away (inaccessible) may cover you from prosecution as you visit some places. MAY.

I'm not a lawyer, don't pretent to be one. Get good, sound, legal advice from a professional, before you travel.

Also be aware that very few cops are well versed on the finer points of firearms law. Arrest is very likely in those areas that are most restrictive. The general attitude seems to be, when in doubt (and the cops are not likiely to BE in DOUBT), arrest, and let the courts settle it.

My late father-in-law solved his version of the problem (he only traveled the west, Canada & Alaska) with one of my Christmas gifts, a Marlin carbine in .357mag. Short enough to be handy in the camper, and a rifle, so it avoided all the handgun restrictions.

Good luck, enjoy your trip(s), but please get real legal advice if you plan on taking a handgun with you. Its a very small price compared to what you would spend (even if innocent) if arrested.

Also, carry a written copy of the advice (citing law/code references for each state) with you. It may just help you out, proving you are acting in good faith, and certainly can't hurt. A friend of mine rides an "antique" motorcycle, and under our law, is exempt from the helmet law when he does. He carries a copy of the state code with him to show the cops. He says it gets him ouit of about half of the tickets. The other half the time, the cops wriite the tickets anyway, and he gets them thrown out in court.

Good luck and have a good trip.
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