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What a waste... That's frustrating.
Very frustrating. When I was in Florida, I ran across more poached (headless) deer, than legally taken deer. And, for legally taken deer... I ran across more in-season headless bodies, than people actually hauling the carcass out.

It does feel good to see these guys get hauled in, though.
One example-
Just over 10 years ago (Utah), we saw a truck loaded up with a beautiful trophy-class 6x6 Bull Elk. The problem was, that we were in the middle of the Muzzleloader Deer hunt. We assumed the guy had an early season Elk tag for the area, and brushed it off.

But... As we headed out to the highway to get gas, we ran across his truck. The game wardens had the Elk in one of their trucks, the guy in handcuffs, his truck hooked up to a tow truck, and his rifle on the hood of their truck.
He didn't have that tag, after all.

And then you get the mixed emotions-
Gratitude, for the game cops getting these dirt bags.
And sadness, from these dirt bags ruining things for everyone else.
And regret, for having assumed the best when we saw him. He might have gotten away with it.
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."
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