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This kind of behavior hurts us all...........

The pictures you are seeing are of a gator Louann and I ran up on a little while before sunrise on Saturday morning. As you can tell someone has cut its tail and head off leaving the balance to bloat and rot in the lake.

You can also see that it was FRESH, having been done during the previous evening.

Needless to say we called the FWC and reported it.

Beyond the wasting of a lot of meat the clown who did this left the remains out in the lake where every kayaker, canoe paddler, water skier, PWC rider......well just everyone had to see it.

Now it is potentially arguable that what he did was legal as he may have put his tag in the tail and then carried off the parts he wanted. And while I know he wasted a lot of good meat I can't say his decisions were illegal.

What I will say though is that we who hunt, whether it be gators or deer or whatever, need to be aware how what we do influences public perceptions of what we do.

We've just got to do a better job getting some folks in the fraternity to behave better because if we alinate enough folks the next generation may well end up not having the joy of hunting.

Rant over.............

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