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I've been loading/experimenting with the .327 off & on for about a year. Mostly off because I just don't have time to sit down & get serious about working up the best load/loads. I cast bullets from a custom mold that I purchased from NOE over on There are so many combinations possible w/this mold it takes a lot of time to figure it out. Gas check, plain base, flat point, & 3 different depths of hollow point pins. Then there's lubes, I use White Label Lube because it's cheap, easy, & works. I've used Bull Shops Speed Green, & Speed Green w/carnuba, they also work great. Here's a couple pics of targets I've shot at 25yds, sitting, w/my elbows resting on my knees. I have another "Keith" style mold in the works on a group buy, but it may be awhile before I get to try it out.
I also have shot the 85xtp and have seen over 1800fps on the chrono w/it, accuracy wasn't that great though. I shoot the 100xtp around 1400 and still maintain accuracy, I've seen 1600 through the chrono with it.
Believe it or not it shoots 32 longs pretty darn accurate. I use about 1.5grs of Trailboss with a Lee 90gr SWC. Makes a big POP & recoil is nonexistent in the blackhawk. I've about settled on 3 powders for the .327, AA#9, 2400, & H110. I've used CCI 500, WSPM, & even WSR (yes rifle) for primers and can't tell much difference in any of them. The main thing I've noticed is case length, if they vary so will my accuracy and velocity. I trim the all to the same length. I recently purchased some from Midsouth and upon measuring them they vary 1.192 to 1.1938, out comes the trimmer...when I get time.
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