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So, I'm actually from CA, but my hubby and I moved to Kansas City, MO 7 years ago. We never thought about owning a gun until three months ago, so we took the CCW class and have since purchased the Ruger LC9 and a Ruger .22 (We started learning more and more about the NRA and the on-going threat to the 2nd amendment).

So, today I just got my CCW certification from the Sheriffs dept, which is very cool. The pisser is that we just learned last week that my husband's just is bringing us back to CA! All our rights and privileges disappear the moment we put our foot on California soil (grrr).

Anyway, we're moving to Santa Rosa, CA, so we need to find a good gun range for newbies learning how to improve their shooting. If there's a club to join where we can eventually get involved in activities, that would be great, too.

How is the rest of CA reacting to the restrictions over there?

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