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Threegun, there are clear instances of armed folks not firing on a mob and becoming paralyed. They are then disarmed - and doesn't go well.

Thus, some mobs will attack such and the defender always doesn't come out well.
Glenn I agree. I don't plan on taking one on. If I was however forced to take one on I would do so with the belief that the crowd will begin to retreat once I start firing. If I am forced to get violent then death or grave bodily injury was eminent anyway so if they don't run away I am no worse off. In any event that I am forced to become violent, I hope to fight as viciously and savagely as my body, weaponry, and training allow. If it is enough and I am lucky enough to survive awesome. If it isn't enough and I die, at least it was while fighting back.

I still haven't seen anyone advance on an active shooter more than a few steps. If 5 bowling pins fall in just a few seconds imagine how many targets three times wider can be hit in the same time. A lot of hurt can be dished rather quickly especially up close and when combined with good tactics. Maintaining separation would be key.
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