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ClydeFrog, the problem with your well intentioned advice is the LEOs you would contact in the Long Island counties, and I would wager in others in urban regions, is their concern is that they don't want citizens carrying guns.

Suffolk county PD asks that you provide documented evidence of both previous attempts made on you life and why those threatening conditions still exist for an unrestricted permit. They specifically exempt having been the victim of a violent crime or living in a high crime area as sole justification for a permit. This is after the county legislature passed a law forbidding the county pd from adding restrictions beyond those speciically in the NYS penal law. They just ignored it and found a judge to side with them (who also gets a lifetime unrestricted permt). You are dealing with people who intentionally make it difficult to deal with. When I last renewed my permit I had to bring all 11 handguns I owned to the county headquarters so they could confirm they matched my permit and file. They were the ones who physically checked and recorded them in the first place!
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