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I think at some point a mob is going to come into contact with someone like Jerome Ersland.

An armed citizen who has poor judgement, and just blasts away at a mob. I'm not defending or advocating it, but it might have an effect on mobs after a well publicized incident of flash mobbers getting shot.

I always waffle on this because on one hand criminals are generally stupid, irrational, undiciplined, impulsive, compulsive and myopic. If they were rational and used more forethought they wouldn't be criminals (in most cases).

But the flash mob phenomenon is something that requires planning and forethought.

If the people who are doing this are capable of thinking ahead enough to plan the robbery or attack, then a well publicized shooting of multiple mob members during the commission of a crime might disuade this activity in the future.

But for me personally - if I don't have a loved one to protect, I would flee the situation. Yes I'd like to help, but there are just too many varibles in the situation - too many things that can go wrong.
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