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but steel hardness is not a moot point...

Steel will not compress like lead going thru a choke constriction ...and as the charge hits the choke - it will not give like lead ...and a number of guns have been fired with full chokes in them ...with steel shot ...will result in a barrel bulge ..that damages the barrel.

Suggesting someone shoot steel thru a Full choke in any gun ...when there is not a mfg out there that says to shoot Steel thru any choke tighter than a Modified just not a good idea !

This OP has not been to this thread when he posted - and respectfully none of us know what he meant by soft steel ...guys post all kinds of things on the forum that they hear, or they're confused about or whatever ...and those of us with experience, need to suggest a prudent course of action.

Shoot a choke no tighter than a Modified with Steel shot ---
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