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I have handled firearms most of my life, but have not used shotguns much because I am not a game hunter. I was expert with rifle in the Army and am pretty decent with handguns.

The 12 ga Partner was a somewhat new experience for me. I plan to get a slip-on pad to beef up the stock somewhat. It did seem undersized and felt a little awkward to get a good solid shooting position. It is not a light-weight gun so that was not an issue. I still believe the undersized stock was the biggest single issue I had with it- and was the main cause of the shock to my shoulder.

I was limited on # of shots because of range rules at the indoor pistol range I was using & I could certainly understand that. My revolvers would be my first firearm reached in home defense. The 12 ga would just be for if TSHTF and I had the time to reach the locked gun cabinet in another room of the house.

Due to a family member in my home that should NOT have access to firearms, I have to keep everything locked up. I am trusting to my 2 dogs to give me enough warning to access my handguns. They sleep in our bedroom and can hear a mouse sneeze a block away.
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