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I agree with Glenn E. Meyer's Post #50.

A problem dealing with mobs is that they can be or do almost anything. They can range from wreaking homicidal violence on any person caught in their range to people streaking in their birthday suit. Quite a range.

We are considering mobs which are violent. Mobs can bring tremendous force to bear in a fluid manner. They can soak up lethal hits to individuals and continue to function. If you are able to neutralize a few individuals that may have no effect on the mob's continued violence. If someone draws attention by proving they are a threat to the mob, it is likely that the mob will turn to deal with the threat.

While mobs are made up of individuals, the individuals largely give in to influences which remove personal responsibility. The numbers which make up a mob afford a way for the individual to hide "self" and be moved by the mob experience, peer pressure in a way.

I would have to make the decision to intervene to stop mob violence based upon whether I thought sacrificing my life would benefit anyone. Would my action be futile and I become just one more fatality? Am I willing almost certain death or great bodily harm for a stranger? I am willing to die to save my family.

Mobs can therefore be powerful, durable, dangerous and unpredictable.
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