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back to pepper spray...

... as to the mentality of "the mob" if you have an angry mob that are all fired up... that is probably the most dangerous... but if you have a mob of younger "normal" people, that are bored & looking for a thrill, then most are going to run at the sight of a gun...

the example in the convienience store, setting off a canister of something rudely unpleasant would probably have dispersed the croud pretty quickly... fanning a canister of pepper spray would likely have resulted in saving 1/2 of his inventory, while not putting him in an extremely unfreindly court situation, if the mayors 12 year old son happened along for something "cool" to do... just for example

rotton egg smell, skunk smell would likely have sent them all fleeing

not saying I'll quit carrying my gun, just that there will be situations, where it's not the best tool for the job...
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