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non resident concealed carry permits for some of the NE states are pretty easy to get

new hampshire and maine come to mind...easy

even ct and mass are "doable" although there are some
tough hoops to jump through

some, like ny, you can just forget about

(but ny will allow you to transport rifles and shotguns unloaded, although
there are limitations like only 10 round mags, unless marked as preban...
you would have to check hard on these....especially ar15 style....things
such as bayo mounts, movable stocks, etc) just drive through ny and nj, only stopping for gas and
the bathroom, and keep heading north....

pa non res isnt hard, but you have to do it in person now

also, florida and utah non res permits will give you many other
states you can carry concealed handgun....some work to get but they
are also "doable"

if you have time, you can start working on these

lots of info out there on the web
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