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Wow! Thanks very much to CowTowner and JerryM for their excellent reference. I have ordered the 50 States Gun Laws book already.

It is truly sad and frustrating when a devoutly law-abiding citizen can unknowingly and unintentionally break the law of a state while exercising his nationwide constitutional right to keep and bear arms, simply because he/she are traveling throughout the United States which is their right.

I wonder if SAF would be interested in taking up a test case for an RVer who is unable to comply with the various laws of all 50 states (or even the lower 48) and exercise his/her right to keep and bear arms?

It would be different if an RVer could simply unload and lock his/her firearm while traveling in a 2A unfriendly state, but for more than a few states, there is simply no way that a person on vacation from another state can be in possession of a handgun even unloaded and locked, and comply with the law. No way even to obtain a non-resident carry permit. That to me seems unconstitutional. Is my constitutional RKBA void because I am on vacation?

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