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Sevens--"Brass or nickel?"

Brass. Loaded nice. Length was very consistent. Put a nice roll crimp on the rounds. Am using Redding steel dies. Have to use case lube but the dies work nice.

There was no case sticking or primer damage on any of the rounds today.

I get into a rut and have a hard time changing things. Every new gun takes a few hundred rounds for me to get a handle on shooting the thing. The two loads that shot good for me were the milder loads. And by the time I got to them I had already shot 50 rounds or so from the Ruger. It was a good day, and the results were encouraging. Had hopes that one of the 327 Fed Mag hand loads with the 100 gr XTP would shoot good and have enough wallop for self defense. The wallop part is right on. I can learn to shoot the gun with enough time.

The "new gun syndrome" is something I have lived with for years. I shot a 44 mag first today and was drilling out the bullseye with it. Then with a new gun I kinda sprayed bullets all over the target for a little while.
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