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This really caught my eye...
Factory Ammo
Fed 85 gr. Reduced Recoil: 1401 - 1424 fps Very consistent.

Speer Gold Dot 115 gr: 1361 - 1438 fps
My testing in the 5.5" Blackhawk produced:
85 gr Hydra-Shok - 1,560 fps. (Rated for 1,400 fps in the SP101)
115 gr Gold Dot - 1,480 fps. (Rated for 1,335 fps in the SP101)

For some reason, that Gold Dot performance had never really registered in my brain. It was disappointing to me, in the Blackhawk; but I never realized how close the numbers were. You're dead on the factory numbers for the Hydra-Shoks, and better than expected with the Gold Dots.

I guess I've just had my head wrapped too tightly around the 200+ fps increase I get with the AE 100 gr SPs, over the SP101's rated 1,500 fps.
It really makes me wonder what powder they're using for the Gold Dots.

Do you mind posting your overall length for those handloads, when you get a chance?
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