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25+ years ago I had a burning desire to own a Super Blackhawk. The only loads that I found that I could shoot comfortably were either .44 specials or .44 magnums that were loaded down so far they might as well have been specials.

I gave up after a few months of experimenting and sold the Ruger and bought a S&W Model 29. After the hand chewing experience of the Super Blackhawk, the big Smith was a pleasure to shoot, and I have never looked back.

Last Sunday I was at the range with a friend of mine and he let me shoot his SB. Yep, I still hate shooting those things.

I know that you can get different grips for them that shape the grip more like a double action so it won't roll up in your hand so bad, but by now I have such a dislike for them that I just don't care to try again.

BTW, I have a Colt SAA in .44-40 and I love shooting it. so I am not a single action hater.
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